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KCRA 3 Reports @ 5PM (HD, New) Details affecting local, regional and national news events of the day are provided by the KCRA 3 Evening News Team, as well as updates on weather and traffic.
NBC Nightly News (HD, New, TV-G) Breaking news stories on politics, international issues and domestic concerns are reported by Brian Williams and the NBC News team.
KCRA 3 Reports @ 6PM (HD, New) The latest news events of the day, as well as updates on sports events, weather and rush-hour traffic issues are provided by the KCRA 3 Evening News Team.
KCRA 3 Reports @ 6:30PM (HD, New) The KCRA 3 News Team presents an evening newscast featuring local and national events, along with weather and traffic updates from around the Sacramento area.
Access Hollywood (HD, New, TV-PG) The hosts discuss Julia Roberts being honored by the GLSEN Respect Awards, then they discuss "Fury" at the London Film Festival with Brad Pitt.
Extra (HD, New, TV-PG) Actress Julia Roberts from "The Normal Heart" discusses being honored for her work in the film, and shares details from the day she spent with the president.
Emergency! Trainee (TV-G) John and Roy greet a know-it-all rookie who was a medic in Vietnam, and together they break up a purse-snatching and revive a man who is in insulin shock.
C.H.i.P's Mait Team (TV-PG) When Sindy is blamed for a major wreck that left her unconscious and eleven people dead, Jon and Ponch investigate the cause of the accident.
KCRA 3 Reports (New)
M*A*S*H Welcome to Korea, Part 1 (TV-PG) Hawkeye races to find Trapper John to say goodbye but misses him by minutes and instead welcomes B.J. Hunnicut to the 4077th unit.
The Simpsons The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star (TV-14) Marge grows alarmed when Homer and Bart fall under the sway of charismatic priest who holds unconventional views on church and religion.
The Simpsons Future-Drama (TV-PG) Professor Frink creates a fantabulous device that allows Bart and Lisa to witness how their final days in high school will affect the remainder of their lives.
How I Met Your Mother The Three Days Rule (HD, TV-PG) Ted breaks Barney and Marshall's "three days rule" by having a relationship by phone with a girl he just met; as a result, they pretend to be her to trick him.
How I Met Your Mother Purple Giraffe (HD, TV-14) In order to spend more casual time with Robin, the woman of his dreams, Ted throws a series of parties at his apartment and attempts to invite her.
The Big Bang Theory The Speckerman Recurrence (HD, TV-14) Leonard is forced to face his fears after being contacted by his high school tormentor whom he must now come face-to-face with years later as an adult.
The Big Bang Theory The Hot Troll Deviation (HD, TV-14) An embarrassing incident Howard has tried to keep a secret comes to light as he attempts to win back his ex-girlfriend; Sheldon and Raj have a war at work.
Extract (TV-14, R, **+) The unhappy owner of an extract manufacturing plant deals with a faulty staff, jeopardized business, questionable marriage and more while seeking purpose.
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (TV-PG, PG, ***) A pair of smooth-talking con artists on the French Riviera makes a bet to see which of them will be the first to bilk a naive woman out of her fortune.
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