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Extra (HD, New, TV-PG) One of the longest-running entertainment magazines on TV features segments such as Rumor Control, Couples News, Star Beauty Secrets and America's Most Eligible.
Running Wild with Bear Grylls Zac Efron (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Survivalist Bear Grylls takes actor Zac Efron into the wilderness around the Northeast Appalachian mountain range where the two embark on a survival journey.
Dateline NBC Bad Blood (HD, New, TV-PG) Authorities investigate the death of a young mother who was found in her own home by her identical twin daughters, in a presumably safe, gated community.
Hannah Anderson: Anatomy of a Kidnapping (HD, New)
M*A*S*H The Red/White Blues (TV-PG) Colonel Potter's latest physical exam reveals that his blood pressure is high, and everyone tries so hard to help him lower it that he nearly blows his top.
Gilligan's Island The Kidnapper (TV-G) A gambling thief takes refuge on the island and holds all the women as hostages for ransom, but the castaways forego retaliation for a rehabilitation attempt.
Happy Days The Nun Story (TV-Y7) Fonzie develops an intense attraction to the new teacher at Jefferson High and after repeatedly being turned down, he kisses her to try to win her affection.
Hogan's Heroes Everybody Loves a Snowman (TV-G) Hogan and his men construct a hollow snowman in an attempt to sneak the crew of downed American bombers out of Stalag 13.
Welcome Back Kotter Once Upon a Ledge (TV-PG) Former Sweathog Gabe Kotter returns to James Buchanan High as an instructor, where the exploits of four trouble-makers prove a continual challenge.
The Odd Couple A Different Drummer (TV-G) Felix hopes to find a spot for his old band from college on a new TV show hosted by Monty Hall.
Modern Family The Bicycle Thief (HD, TV-PG) Phil tries to help Luke prove he is responsible enough for a bicycle, but a hot neighbor causes trouble; Mitchell and Cameron take Lily to Mommy and Me class.
Monk Mr. Monk and the Missing Granny (HD, TV-PG) When a law student witnesses her grandmother being abducted by two masked men, she contacts Monk and asks him to open an investigation.
Monk Mr. Monk and the Captain's Wife (HD, TV-PG) A sniper shoots a bullet through the windshield of a tow truck and kills the driver; Captain Stottlemeyer's wife is involved in a serious car crash.
KCRA 3 News on My58 (New) The KCRA 3 News Team presents the latest information on the news events of the day and timely updates on sports, local weather conditions and travel.
« The Cider House Rules (TV-14, PG-13, ***+) Never adopted, a young man leaves the orphanage where he was raised by a compassionate doctor in order to learn about life and love on his own terms.
The Big Chill (TV-14, R, ***) A group of old college friends reunites at the funeral of an old friend who was considered the one to most likely to succeed, and they spend time catching up.
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