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Dragnet The Pyramid Swindle (TV-G) Preying on people's religious sensibilities, a woman cons others into giving her money for a pyramid scheme; the police charge her with running a lottery.
I Love Lucy First Stop (TV-G) The Ricardos and Mertzes have a difficult time finding commodities that will please everyone on their trip across the country to California.
The Beverly Hillbillies Midnight Shorty (TV-G) Drysdale becomes upset when he learns Shorty is not as rich as he claimed to be, and he tells the four secretaries he's dating about his actual worth.
My Three Sons Moment of Truth (TV-G) Mikes asks the college beauty queen to the upcoming fraternity dance, but his anxiety over being rejected leads him to also ask another girl as a backup.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Rat (TV-G) Beaver makes a quick profit when he sells his pet rat to Violet Rutherford because June won't let the rat in the house.
Leave It to Beaver In the Soup (TV-G) Wally gets Beaver to stay at Whitey's house so he won't be in the way of Wally's party, but Beaver and Whitey get in an argument while on the way to his house.
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Maverick The Ice Man (TV-G) Penniless Bart is hired by a rancher to collect ice from nearby mountains, but while he's working, he encounters a corpse frozen beneath an icy river.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Dead Reckoning (TV-G) The panicked wife of a wanted murderer on the loose asks Josh to find him before his victim's brothers get to him first to get revenge for the untimely death.
Wanted: Dead or Alive Barney's Bounty (TV-G) While they chase two fugitives on the run, Josh plays mediator for an old friend feuding with his son, but reconciling may be hard.
Have Gun, Will Travel Ransom (TV-G) While hunting a missing colonel in Mexico, Paladin discovers that there are others who have their own motives for chasing his elusive target.
Have Gun, Will Travel The Trial (TV-G) A desperate father tries to protect his fugitive son by hiring Paladin to capture the young man alive before someone else kills him for a bounty.
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